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Aortic Intervention

Our endovascular graft, manufactured by Cook Medical, are highly specialized devices for the treatment of aortic aneurysms and dissections.
Made with polyester, attached to self-expanding stainless steel or Nitinol stents, with braided polyester and monofilament polypropylene sutures. Additionally, they have gold radiopaque markers to facilitate their visualization in the fluoroscope.

Engineered with ARC technology that enables active fixation, radial force, and spinal strength to fit all types of anatomical variations while maintaining a lasting balance of length, stiffness, flexibility, and resistance to migration.

Our portfolio is complemented by the design and manufacture of exclusive endoprostheses for patients with specific pathological characteristics. Similarly, all procedures are accompanied by our highly qualified product specialists and, for exclusive cases, specialized doctors trained by the manufacturer to guarantee their successful execution.

Un equipo de profesionales a su disposición

Aortic Intervention.

Thoracic Endovascular Graft, Abdominal and Iliac Endovascular Graft

CAE Healthcare

Advance Solutions for education and trainning pourposes

Coronary and Peripheral Intervention

Accesories and deices to be use in Cath Labs

Critical Care

Products for ER and critical care.


Medical devices for Oncology on soft tissues, Termoablacion


Endoscopy capsule for small intestine diagnose


Essential medical devices for urology medical procedures
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